24 season 3

astig talaga tong series na to ewan ko ba. kaka addict. tapos may kahawig ka pa na ka pangalan na druglord na astig eh astig talaga. hehe astig! i recommend talaga panoorin to, sulit na sulit every scene pinag paguran siguro talaga.

hehe la lang para malibang naman kahit konti at di na puro problema na lang ang iniisip kesyo sa bansa o sa bahay o kung san pa.

RA Russian Roulette

With all of what’s happening in this country. With all the uncertainties, obcsurities, unanswered questions, conspiracies, lies etc.

I move to ammend a provision that mandates all public officials and military personnels to play at least(though of course they can play everyday if they want)
One round of Russian Roulette a week.
(that would replace corruption as their favorite pastime)

Serioso ako. The nation will very much benefit from this provision.


Need a light?

yesterday i came upon an awkward situation and somehow it was frustrating.

i was in d front seat of the jeepney on my way home. on my hand is a cigarette. yes i was smoking. that’s why i take the front seat as much as possbile and always make sure to puff my smokes away from anyone of course.

i think i’ve always managed to get away with my bad habit of smoking in public places and i’ve never met anyone who objected or reprimanded me for my actions, well that is nobody told me face to face that they mind my smoking.

try this, smokers have the right to smoke as much as the non-smokers have the right to protect themselves from the passed-on smoke by covering their faces or by wearing gas masks. 🙂

but i guess there’;s always a first time for everything. yesterday, this middle aged lady sitting beside me on the front seat all of a sudden poked me quite provokingly on my shoulders i guess to show how annoyed she was, and said she’s going to transfer at the back of the jeepney and her reason then she expressed by making that smoking gesture with her fingers.

half-minding the situation coz my mind is wandering elsewhere, i let her pass, and realized what has just happened only after a while. mahina ang server eh.

the driver looked at me reproachfully as if i’m accused of rape or something and continued driving. and for me, i smoked away.hehe i felt slightly embarassed and guilty but annoyed as well for i think the problem could have been avoided easily, the problem was her inability to just say what she wanted or didn;’t want. “excuse me, puede wag ka mayg yosi, maskit sa ilong eh.” anyone would have thrown their cigarette if only you tell them to and SAY that you mind.


According to RA 9211 or the Tobacco Regulation Act, which i bet 10 out of a million filipinos know about, the law prohibits smoking in most public places:

-Airports, ship terminals and docks, train and bus stations
-Elevators and stairwells
-Public or private hospital buildings and premises
-Restaurants and conference halls, except where there is a designated smoking area
-Venues where food or beverage is prepared or manufactured
-Locations with fire hazards such as gas stations and storage areas for combustible materials
-Nursing homes, laboratories, dispensaries and clinics
-Even cigarette vending machines have been outlawed.

and eto pa.

Among the most frequently violated of the IRR’s salient provisions is the sanction on the advertisement or sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products within 100 meters of playgrounds, schools, recreational centers and other youth facilities.

Outside of this perimeter, sellers should still make sure youthful-looking buyers are above 18 years old, by demanding to see identification cards. It follows that minors are therefore not allowed to sell tobacco products. Those who do will be arrested or fined, along with those who buy from them.

courtesy of INQ7.net______________________

OK FINE. SUKO NA KO! posasan niyo na ko! 🙂


nakakalumo. you are at a party enjoying your food while you chat with your friends or at school as you listen to the teacher while you think of the games you and your friends are going to play after class. how does it feel to be buried alive? i do not want to know and i cannot imagine. thousands of people were buried alive, an entire barangay wiped off the map. again.

i thought the day couldn’t possibly go worse after learning about what happened in leyte. but here comes the mayor of the damned barangay itself in an interview speaking like she had just been asked of her opinion on the mark and jeneline love team, giggling and letting out little laughs out of her difficulties in speaking in tagalog. her feeling fortunate of still being alive probably lurked at the back of her mind more than her own people’s deaths, nevertheless if only i could kick her shameless calloused ass i would and bury her alive as well.

but somehow her actions did not surprise me at all for i have seen this scene many times in tv like that saturday morning which greeted me with people flinging up their hands to the camera at the sight of corpses piled just beside them.

I loath the idea that someday our concept of grief of a mass massacre in the evening news is in the same level as to how we bawl over the death of the protagonist in the telenovela that follows right after. i do not know if i’m making any valid point but it seems this country has been stripped of her capacity to feel and has shrinked down into a state of bluntness and apathy. i might be wrong but this is how i see it.

perhaps we are on the brink of cultural breakdown where the rich have become indifferent, the poorest of the poor have become depersonalized and the middle class who are busy, desperately trying to claw up out of the prowling poverty have become more apathetic. the rich has become indifferent and the more it becomes apparent to them the hopelessness of their own land, the more they move away far from their own society and so they find refuge by simply washing their hands and stripping themselves off the what ever “Filipino” they posses. the poor has become depersonalized and have become infallibly immune to their situation and has lost any hope of making their situation better so to simply care or think seemed to be of no use to them. the middle class lies between the two, some indifferent and some hopeless but everyone’s apathetic to everyone else.

it seems that the line between the evening news and the fantaserye that follows it has become thinner and thinner to the point that there are areas in which they already overlap.

about the tragedy it irritates me to hear people trying to sound helpful and useful by talking about how to prevent this sort of tragedy to happen again. listening to them is exhausting enough, they do not know how pathetic it is. this has happened before in ormoc. the stampede has happened before. are there still undiscovered form of catashrope aside from global warming? where have all our scientists or geologists gone hiding? it was said that they knew the rainfall the last few weeks in leyte has doubled or even tripled, yet no one was true enough to his or her profession at least, that he or she could have made a scientific observation and eventually a credible scientific prediction.

ganito na ba ka backward and dehado ang larangan nang siensya (science) dito sa pinas? o talaga lang nag si alisan na ang lahat at wala nang natirang matino o matalino sa PAG-ASA. wala na bang PAG-ASAng umusad ang PAG-ASA? mukha nga.

this morning i came upon a cover story of a 2001 issue of newsweek , the 10 worst countries in the world. stated here are 3 main underlying causes similar between these coutnries which are political instability, business or economic corruption and civilian irresponsibility. (i forgot the exact words) if that does not ring any bell then i don’t know what can. it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the world would think that this country is trying her very hard to making it on the list.

may the victims of leyte tragedy REST IN PEACE. and so is this country (soon)

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paalam mga links, di kasi ako naka log out. baka dun sa lab. tsk.
kung sino mang gumalaw nang template ko sana mag ka sipon habang buhay.

it wasn’t a good idea

it had to dwell in the nonsense. there was nothing else to it. how time has been keeping us was pointless. it revolved around the unimportant. it had to and it did last night. it was more of in us than to us, for it could have ended in any way and in any time and it wouldn’t matter, would it?

it was a game of chess unending and the only thing left to do is try and play. whether it was the piecing of the puzzle that mattered or the vague knowledge of two people sitting on wooden stools that faced the other. it drove us past where we last stood and picked up somewhere we do not know. your insatiable passion for fending the only means to make some truth did not bother me. it was expected of you and perhaps it was necessary.

whether the letters created pictures in our heads or made sense the way they usually do. and whetehr it was blank, full or half empty, it served me the same. see the truth about it is that there’s no truth that can come to it. it occured to me again that we had spoken more in ourselves rathewr than to each other.

to others i pick up from where we have ended, but to you i pick up from somewhere maybe you only know. it was tommorow and it was last night. what we say of each other wouldn’t matter for they will be forgotten. the mights and what would have become of us wouldn’t matter because we’re tired of thinking about them. there’s happiness to haunt and bind us then.

walang jeep o walang pamasahe

mag aalas siete na nang gabi, nakatayo sa tabi ng kalsada, mauubos ko na lang ang pangawalawang stick eh wala pa ring jeep. nakapagtataka. sa laki ng kalsada eh bakit napili pa nang mamang to na tumabi sakin.

“pre, tiene yo aqui kwintas, ta bende.” sabi niya, (pare, may kwintas ako dito, binebenta). medyo pabulong, sabay pakita ng kwintas na nasa loob nang papel na maliit. mukhang di mapakali. mukhang mga trenta años na, naka puting t-shit, madungis, naka pantalon, tsinelas.

“nuway sen doy.” sabi ko agad. (walang pera doy) [eh wala naman talaga] di ko natitigan ang kwintas, tinignan ko baka may kasama, baka sunggabin ako nito, pero maliit at payat lang siya. at mukhang wala namang karga.

“para pasahe lang para bolbe pagadian.” pabulong na sabi (pang pamasahe lang pa uwing pagadian) patingin tingin kung saan saan, di mapakali, di niya siguro gawain to.

“nuway gayot doy” (wala talaga doy) iniisip ko baka may kasama talaga, pero ang lakas naman nang loob nila sa dami nang tao, tapos ako pa eh mas mukhang gangster ako.

kunwaring di ko siya pinapansin, sabay tango parang nakatingin sa malayo kung may jeep na ba. kung may kasama to, iniisip ko na kung tadyak o sapak o takbo na lang kung sa tingin ko na hindi ko make keri.

pero bigla na lang siyang nawala. di ko na nakita.

napag isip isip ko na baka nga gusto lang tlga niyang umuwi, baka may nag aantay sa kanya sa pagadian, pamilya niya , mga anak na walang makain, at wala na siyang ibang malapitan, walang kakilala, mag isa na lang , pagala gala. o baka maayos siya non, may trabaho, disente, yun nga lang sa hirap nang buhay at na malasan siguro, eh nawalan na, gaya nang napakarami sa atin.

kung hindi ako nagkakamali eh hiya at hirap sa mukha niya ang nakita ko.
eh kung alam ko lang ang totoo at kung may maibibigay ako, bakit hinde.

may pamasahe ako, walang jeep. maraming bus sa terminal, wala namang pamasahe.

“hinde gat alegre queda pobre”

valentine korniks syndrome

Susungkitin ko ang pinakamalayong tala at titirisin ko’t didikdikin ng puro at isusubo at lulunukin nang sa gano’y ang pagtingala mo’t pagnanasa sa tala’y mapa akin rin.

baket? Masama ba ang maging kornicks(corny)? araw pa naman ng mga puso bukas, sa tingin mo? o ako diretso tingin ko. kornicks ba ko? at bakit ba kung KORNY ako?! datapwa’t iito lamang ang paraan upang isalin ko ang lahat nang katotoohanan sa mga salitang pinagsasabi. kung masama man ang magsabi nang totoo’y patawarin sana ko nang diyos. hindi masama ang maging Kornicks… hinde… hinde….


Datapwat (kakanood kay Soriano?) ito ang tanging daan (tamo) upang maihayad ng iyong pusong uhaw ang kanyang mga hinanaing at pagmamahal. oo pagmamahal. Datapwat (pano ba talaga to gamitin?)kung wala kang pera’t pang regalo’y ito na lang ang iyong tanging lusot. (malay mo) maging kornicks ka’t huwag mong itago’t baka mapanis at mabalewala.

mabuhay ang mga Kornicks! MABUHAY!

*** epekto ng walang ka date. at walang magawa. wag tularan. happy valentine’s na lang.